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Category: Hydra

Der Silberpfeil unter den Sound-Boliden

The silver arrow among the guitars. The polished „real steel“ surface on a one-piece alder body is something astounding for your eyes and ears to behold. A precision tool for all variations of rock to metal and beyond. The Schaller LowPro tremolo system is one of the top-of-the-line systems and garantees absolute tuning stability even with the heaviest dive-bombs


Body: American Red Alder
Neck: Flamed Maple
Fretboard: Ebony, 648mm (25.5″) Scale, 24 Frets
Pickups: Häussel Tozz B, Vintage+ N, Ebony Frames
Electronic: 5-Way Megaswitch (P); Mastervolume + Tone
Hardware: Black; Schaller® M6 Locking Tuners; Schaller® Low Profile
Floyd Rose Tremolo System; Schaller® Strap Locks
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Real Steel Coating

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