TM Custom



Natural Beauty

Custom made bass design for and with Tim Merker. The neck joint is designed with our signature stainless steel M6 machine screws for more pressure and a super tight fit. The maple fretboard is a beautiful contrast to the brown stained swamp ash body and adds a good amount of crisp overtones. A 12-16″ compound radius leaves nothing to be desired in terms of super comfortable playability and lowest possible string action. The pickups are made by Delano – 2 humbuckers grant a modern bass tone with lots of power but still very defined and never muddy or mellow. The active wiring by Noll Electronics is equipped with a 9V preamp, a 3-band EQ with parametric mids, active/passive and coilsplit switch. This makes it a perfectly versatile instrument for all occasions.


Body: Swamp ash 2pc.
Neck: Maple, 3pc with walnut veneer stripes
Fretboard: Maple, 889mm / 35″ scale, 24 stainless steel frets
Pickups: Delano
Electronic: Noll TCM 3PM active wiring with 3 band EQ
Hardware: ETS Tuning Fork bridge, Kluson Tuners
Construction: Bolt-on
Finish: Natural brown matt, open grains
Specials: 5-string, custom designed for and with Tim Merker