We designed and built this gem for Bernd Kiltz. The concept was in the spirit of sustainability: Completely local woods + hardware, pickups, tuners, fret wire and strings made in Germany. Why wander far away when we can find (almost) everything we need for a fine guitar on our doorstep?
The wooden base is provided by a Hessian body made of red cedar with a maple burl drop-top from the Penny parking lot in Mehlingen, together with a Neustadt plum fingerboard and a walnut neck from France. The result is already a force of nature when played dry! The sound is incredibly clear and transparent with endless overtones without delivering too many annoying highs. In addition, it is extremely light and therefore super resonant with lightning-fast and precise response and a long and balanced sustain.
On the amp, the hand-wound Kloppmann pickups perfectly accentuate this basic character. Always clear and transparent, warm and round without mumbling and always balanced and versatile in each of the 5 switch positions of the Superswitch.
The hardware from Schaller and ABM, as well as Wagner fret wire and strings from Pyramid also come from Germany and are qualitatively among the best that can be found on the market and, above all, are manufactured under German standards of production and environmental protection without cheap wages.
Due to the short delivery routes of all local producers and our workshop supply with green electricity, we also ensure the smallest possible CO2 footprint.
Be sure to check out Bernd’s YouTube channel “Guitar Teacher Online”, there you can see a demo with his NH1 in addition to many other great videos!

Demo Video





Body: Western red cedar (origin: Hessen / Germany)
Neck: Walnut, quatersawn (origin: southern France)
Neck: Maple Burl Drop Top (origin: Mehlingen / Germany)
Fretboard: Plum, 25″ (635mm) Scale (origin: Neustadt / Germany), 22 Wagner medium stainless steel frets (origin: Germany)
Pickups: Kloppmann handwound pickups // 2x HB59 bridge and neck, 1x SC middle (origin: Stuhr / Germany)
Electronic: 5-Way Switch; Mastervolume; Tone (CRL / CTS, origin: USA)
Hardware: Chrome; Schaller Locking Tuners and Security Locks (origin: Postbauer-Heng / Germany); ABM 3255 fixed Bridge (origin: Berlin / Germany)
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Body and Headstock: Dark grey stained top, satin PUR finish; Neck and fretboard: natural oil (all components made in Germany and Italy)