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Wolve in a sheep’s cloth

Do you realize something different on this Tele? Guess the neck seems pretty long, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s a barriton scale, 110 Millimheters longer than usual. It’s tuned down on low C and its owner equipped it with 68-14(!) string gauge. I was in fact a little scared when I first plugged it into our amp and played the first chords ever on this instrument.. Almost blew my socks off. What a mean, nasty growl and punch came out of this little „vintage“ looking guitar. But still very well balanced and sparkling metallic overtones without mashing up fast riffs to some kind of low frequenzy noise coming out of your speaker. A killermachine for all kinds of low tunings – a wolve in a sheep’s cloth indeed.


Body: Poplar
Top: Maple
Neck: Maple
Fretboard: Maple, 760mm Bariton Scale, 22 Frets
Pickups: Häussel Tozz XL B; Big Mag N
Electronic: 3-Way Switch; Mastervolume; Tone
Hardware: Relic chrome; Gotoh Tuners; ABM Tailpiece
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Heavy Relic Butterscotch Blonde

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