Deceptive simplicity – beautifully understated

Custom shop at its best: every detail was discussed, carefully planned, discarded, discussed and planned again until we finally found the perfect concept for our customer. A 1:1 printout was very helpfull here to find the perfect proportions. A perfect weapon for all kinds of progressive styles – just like we wanted it to be.




Body: Mahogany
Neck: Maple, 3pc.
Fretboard: Birdseye Maple, 670mm Scale, 24 Frets
Pickups: Häussel Tozz XL Fat B; VIN+ N
Electronic: Mastervolume; Tone
Hardware: Satin Chrome; Schaller M6 Locking Tuner; ETS Tuning Fork Bridge
Construction: Bolt-on
Finish: Natural matt
Specials: 7-string, Custom Body Shaping