Cybered Signature



For the woodlovers

You don’t need to be a tree-hugger to have an affection for wood. A very classy combination is this swamp-ash body with a premium quilted maple top. A layer of rosewood veneer separtes the top from the body and works like a small binding. The fretless ebony board and 5pc maple neck make it complete. Two active EMGs in combination with a volume, balance and tone pot make it a perfect versatile tool for all styles from the UK to California. Any questions?


Body: Swamp Ash
Top: Curly Maple and Rosewood
Neck: Maple, Mahogany Stripes
Fretboard: Ebony, 865mm Scale, Fretless
Pickups: EMG
Elektronic: Panorama Control; Mastervolume; Tone
Hardware: Black; Düsenberg Tuners; ETS Tuning Fork Bridge;
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Nature matte