Hydra MA


We designed and built this Hydra especially for Max. Max is a shredder player who literally hears the grass growing. Therefore it was extremely important to him that his guitar always sounds “in-tune”. So we decided on the True Temperament Fret System. With this well thought-out system, the string spacing was calculated specifically. The normal fret system with its calculation formula (twelfth root of two) only gives approximate values ​​whose tolerance the players have got used to over the years. However, just like with the piano, the TT system achieves a harmoniously tempered tuning. You can hear the difference clearly, but you never feel it when you play. More information is available from True Temperament Frets. We also used an Evertune Bridge. As the name suggests, this bridge mechanically keeps it in tune. Always! This is made possible by a sophisticated spring system. For maximum sound diversity, the two Häussel humbuckers have coil-taps and are each equipped with an RVH Unity tone filter. With these, the resonance frequencies of the pickups can be passively modulated in 5 positions and deliver extremely versatile sounds – even a crunch effect is included. Also a nice gimmick: The Autotrim tuners from Planete Waves not only have a locking function, they also cut the string automatically when winding up, completely without tools. The rest of the guitar is then almost conservative: the finest woods, the highest manufacturing quality – that’s it.


Body: Alder
Neck: 3pc Canadian Hardmaple
Top: Quilted Maple
Fretboard: Ebony, 648mm (25.5″) True Temperament System, 24 EVO Frets
Pickups: Häussel Tozz XL B, VIN+ N
Electronic: 3-Way switch; 2x Volume with Push-Push Coilsplit, 2x RVH Unity Tonefilter
Hardware: Chrome; Evertune Bridge, Planet Waves Autotrim Tuner
Construction: Bolt-On
Finish: Deep Green highgloss body, NC satin neck